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Thursday, October 27, 2011

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My latest one is http://artworldsofpetshopboysandsoftcell.blogspot.com/ I will be discussing my observations of both Pet Shop Boys and Soft Cell videos and Marc Almond videos!.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Marc Almond - A Lover Spurned/My observations on Marc Almond's A Lover Spurned music video

Since I am currently working on a few Soft Cell videos observations, I would like to start this one off about A Lover's Spurned. This video and title reminded me of Tainted Love or the spirit of it. Reason: A Lover's Spurned lyric line: I love you, God your fingers burned, similarly to Tainted Love's lyric line: I love though you hurt me so....See the similarities? I sure do. The video also gives me another Soft Cell touch the never left in this video: the comic book scene! Look how it starts off with a comic book touch. I mean the checkerboard and spotted backgrounds, I clearly see those in comics. How Marc portrays the lover that gets hurt but he was the one that cheated with woman that didn't really want him for his money and steals his life away. Like a gold digger perhaps? He slaps the woman he was in love or married to and she would take him back, it was like read my lips: motherf***er. Poor Marc. I love the costumes they wore: Marc wears a red and black striped suit in a room full of orange with yellow polka dots, where as his wife wears a red and black polka- dotted dress in a yellow with orange polka-dotted room. See how opposite of the design is? His wife on the video have that typical hairdo you would see in comics as well. The part where Marc is sitting in a chair(similar to how is sitting in Say Hello, Wave Goodbye) he's holding a glasses full with champagne, I love how the bubbles are coming of every which way and its shiny like the champagne in the glass. It gives me that feel where he's in a bigger champagne glass of that woman is torturing him or in this case the fingers burn. Lovely video I personally believe its worth watching, I'm telling that comic book style is pure gold!

Soft Cell - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye/My Observations on Soft Cell's Say Hello, Wave Goodbye music video

I love this video, definitely artsy all around. It reminds me of a lovely dream as well as a scene from a comic book story. Especially how it starts off with the animated rain and the setting of the video too. The slouching door and just the overly exaggerated style of lights and the acting is simply classic, the colours and lighting too gives it a soft calmly mood. (Similar to the comic book story idea Pet Shop Boys's Suburbia music video black and white scenes.) The whole part of Marc singing in a restaurant reminds me of how Neil is similarly singing in a restaurant scene in the video Jealousy. You can tell by Say Hello, Wave Goodbye was pure work of art as well, so many actors and some familiar faces like the dwarfs from the Sex dwarf videos. Marc's singing scene also gives that dreaming feel definitely after that line "Take a good look at my face, for the last time..." It has a similar feel to their other video Torch except Torch have more cool colours, while this video have mostly warm colours. Towards the end where Dave looks like he gets the girl (not really, he just leaves) and the scene where Dave and the woman are in a heart shape figure prove to me that's something you would see in a comic book. The Pink Flamingo sign from here also reminded me of the Piano Bar in Pet Shop Boys's West End Girls too. Again, I love this video, the acting, the set, and everything about it is just pure art! I believe this was the last Soft Cell song that hit the UK, it hit Number 3.

Pet Shop Boys - I Wouldn't normally do this kind of thing/My Observations on Pet Shop Boys's I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing music video

This video intrigued me, I got the concept of title in a way, I guess because of Neil Tennant dancing, I seriously think he should have a dance craze name after him seriously! Although I'm not sure if the lyrics and the video are tied down though. I love the dynamic usage of colours: pink, hint of green, black and white. Well for one pink is my favourite colour. Anyway, I love the whole optical illusion from the beginning, then I realized so that's was one of the things I noticed for their title of the CD and DVD PopArt, not just because they have both "pop" and "art" in their videos but also they use actual art or re-invent the original artists' ideas. (Also in Soft Cell's What video a similarity of the black and white squares can be featured!) The whole video reminded me something from the 60's that was futuristically done. Neil's and Chris's wigs reminded me of Andy Warhol maybe, I mean it would make sense the whole Pop and Op Art that begun in the 60's by Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. Then the video gets all 80's on me with video game part, I love that scene. Reason: Well you know they are best buds for life, it basically reveals that even best friends can break out in a fight. I think they portrayed that extremely well in that scene. The female dancers were a dead giveaway on the 60's style. It was a very nice idea of using something they grew up around in a video such as this. The little versions of them was quite adorable, I the whole gold symbolism in that, I believe it proves that their friendship is valuable. Just thought of something, this video reminds of Dee-Lite's "Groove is in the Heart" music video, because of the similar psychadelic* look.

Soft Cell - Youth/My observations on Soft Cell's Youth music video

I like this video even though it didn't have Dave there, I guess only in spirit perhaps? Moving along, the song has this sad, soft , lonely, mellow tone to it. Even Marc's face had the same feeling. I like how his face turned to different shades of colour, and his face have footage showing I guess Marc's and probably Dave's youthful memories as child and so on. It gives an eerie feel too, I guess the shadows and the black background. (Similar how Neil Tennant looks in the Love Comes Quickly video except he's moving around in angles and stuff and plus he got footage in front of his face, not in it, Thought I pointed that out.)  I also love the lyric line "Sleep in deep, deep sleep, Beauty is skin deep" to me, it sounds like Beauty is on the inside not the outside. Since it was stagnant movement on this video, it is a short observation.

Soft Cell Monoculture/My Observations on Soft Cell's Monoculture music video

This video, it was something I never thought they would come up with. I think its their only video in the 2000's that they did, unless there's more I don't know about. Anyway, the video and the title convey its meaning quite well for artists who love being odd and strange. I like how it starts off with "Another day...." It reminds me of how artists put writings or quotes on other art-related styles. Then the video gets speed up giving the whole "All day, everyday scenario." Their manager is the manager of the burger place called "Cell Burger." Marc and Dave are supposedly are workers at the fast food place. I believe they are conveying how this is how life is: Monocultured. People want fastfood, people who work in fastfoods inject who knows what in their food. Dave plays this appalling worker that lacks cleanliness. (Dave Ball can be seen, but Stevo that's dressed up as a clown manager stops him after Dave dropped the burger). I think the clown thing was like a joke or spoof of McDonald's maybe? Then Marc holds a drink that have roach crawling off of it. It goes to show you, you really don't know what you're eating nowadays. The way Marc plays the irritated worked that can be seen in real life too. (The flash shots of burger, fries and soda bit reminds me of the flashing bit on Pet Shop Boys's Love Comes Quickly music video.Like I said, I never though they would come up with something like this. It's pure genius. Sometimes I wonder in their little art world sometimes. I forgot to mention my favourite lyric lines is "Over and over and over, again and again and again, Monoculture" and "Same, Ordinary, Boring."

Domino Dancing - Pet Shop Boys 12 inch/My observations on Pet Shop Boys's Domino Dancing

I love this video as well, another masterpiece in video form. The first thought of the title, I was thinking a video of dominoes dancing or if there was a dance craze I didn't know about. Anyway, I like the Latin groove in it, the location Puerto Rico ("PopArt" commentary). I like the extended video a bit better, because it shows more of the main character walking with a sexy dress on, holding a small bouquet of flowers and walking in a cemetery. Which makes me wonder about the video more: did the two young men died over some female? or was this another well thought idea planned out?The video conveyed the lyrics. I like how it was like a short movie with no talking just emotion and acting. Neil singing in different angles and areas, then you have Chris joining into the dance/party scene with his vivid clothing and cap and shiny sunglasses that looks like a mirror when looked direct at. The emotions were high in this video especially the two boys fighting in the water, the passion between the female and one of the young men and the part where she's always rejecting a man: priceless. I love the ending how Chris is just staring at beach at night and some small bonfire and you the viewer can see what he sees. Another work of art, they really have creative minds in making videos!

Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf (Ecstatic Dancing Mix)/My Observations on Soft Cell's Sex Dwarf music video

I saw the original version to that song in poor quality. Well basically the original video to it, basically conveyed the point too obviously. On the the count of it being a strongly sexual song, the original video was banned. Minus the video being wayyyyyyy too vulgar, its a pretty piece of art in the making. I would post the original video on my blog, but I chose another one, the one they used in Soft Cell's Non-Stop Exotic video show, if you decide to want to watch it, its on YouTube, its just too vulgar and don't want you to think things. @_@ The clean version of the video was just simply seeing Marc Almond and Dave Ball wearing suits and conducting a choir of dwarves. I like how their albums were converted to music sheet books though pure genius! I like both video versions of the song because they are pieces of their art in an odd way, but the original basically is the description to the song itself.

Pet Shop Boys - Love Comes Quickly/My observations on Pet Shop Boys's Love Comes Quickly music video

This video is a fascination to me, I like how it have multiple faces some moving their heads or some just don't move their heads, then you would see Neil Tennant's head then he says "Sooner or later, this happens to everyone to everyone." Before I listened to the commentary, I had that since of a news broad cast feel to it as well as a night cold night feel to it, since the lighting made his head feel a soft and cold one, if that makes any sense. It also brings out the lyrics too, because it is a sad, love song. I can't imagine him singing in the video with a happy feeling and his face all bright. I also love how Chris is in the video in different ways: laying down on some kind of building or area something I can't point out, now I didn't know he was actually sleeping, the commentary in "PopArt" they really tell somethings never thought of, then he's like the person I think portrayed, he doesn't look happy or excited so that would be my guess. The whole flip photo animation where you see the musicians plus the actors moving like that part Chris just blinked his eyes to this man and this girl smiled at Neil and Neil just shook his head; I love that part, I damn near cry because her reaction was like a "screw you" look. It was a soft, mellow song as well as the video, nonetheless love the video. P.S. The shadows on their faces too were also another key to the video and its conveying.

Soft Cell with Cindy Ecstasy - Memorabilia/My observations on Soft Cell's Memorabilia music video

I like the title of the song, it shows how an artists likes to collect things. In some of his interviews, Marc talks about collecting little objects and if I'm not mistaken, it is also in his autobiography as well, about collecting post cards with little animals, I need to read the book over again. This was another organic music video, because of its mini animation as well as clips of Marc Almond and Dave Ball, and having a female rapper name Cindy Ecstasy rapping throughout the song and in portions. I love her "So Call up Cindy Ecstasy, if you're looking for a memory" part I like the poor quality in it too, it reveals to me they were tampering with film and what not to be different and odd, which I love dearly about them. That's why I call them Organic. I remember Marc mentioned in a interview he stated "We didn't like how electronic music was being used and we like to inject our humanness into it" This was in 1983 I believe, its been a while. Well he explained the Soft Cell way of their videos. The title speaks for itself because these are clips of them either in Soft Cell or pre-Soft Cell using a montage of clips is like a collection of memorabilia and their holiday fun. The birds eye view of the city reminds me of Pet Shop Boys's West End Girls with the same birds eye view of a city.
My favorite bit is when Marc pop up like Cindy X in the part "So Call up Cindy Ecstasy, if you're looking for a memory"

Soft cell - Entertain Me/ My observations on Soft Cell's Entertain Me music video

When I first saw the title, I immediately thought of something vulgar especially when you're dealing with a band called Soft Cell. I saw the video, I was shocked, it gave me this whole mad circus for freaks feel to it. Reason why is you see people dressing up like in a circus fashion entertaining in a way would see at a circus. The audio of odd peoples' voices and laughter and what not, I really thought something was odd. I like the little animation bits like the neon on some scenes, my favourite bit with the neon animation was when though out the whole video and words and phrases too. Yes, I pay attention to little things like that. Also the bit where Marc Almond and Dave Ball were introduced was hilarious, they look like they were having fun on the set. I think this is one of the videos of theirs where they used a bit from their album cover Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing ( like the same red music note Marc holds on the album and some of the neon shapes too), even though it was released on Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret. I was sad that this song wasn't a big hit though, but its a pretty cool song I believe as well as a very eccentric artsy video. This is the first song you see in Non Stop Exotic Video Show.

PET SHOP BOYS 「CAN YOU FORGIVE HER」/My observations on Pet Shop Boys's Can You Forgive Her music video

What I like about this video is the colours that are opposite of the colour chart: Blue and orange (also the spinning tops from their Liberation video). This is also a prove they love art, especially using opposite colours from the colour wheel. I like how the video doesn't really portray or convey the song itself. It seems like more artsy and twisted in their own little world of music videos. The costumes can speak for themselves. It's created and comical at the same time. What also fascinated was how they actually stand out through the video and everything else was black and white. It is as if they didn't exist in the real world almost like aliens on planet of weirdness and the real was dull and they bought colours, the animation on them with the spikes and mini balls and so on. I also didn't get the whole ostrich part either, were they trying to use that to symbolize a woman, I absolutely no clue on that one and the whole egg shape too, but the video is really a fascination to see. I see these colors on some of the albums I think Very or Very Relentless if I'm not mistaken.

Pet Shop Boys - Suburbia/My observations on Pet Shop Boys Suburbia

This video was one of the videos I couldn't always get to see from the beginning. I always see the black and white scene where Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe are in suits, in a room with a whole but a stuff with a television that have the Opportunities (revision version) on there. That's my favorite part of the video along with Los Angeles location. Definitely my territory and its still is like this in real life if you come here to Los Angeles. I love the black and white scene because it reminds me of some comic book strip coming to life and the way Neil was acting and singing at the same time Chris is using a bat to hit objects with: classic, then seeing them in robes too: classic material! The part confused me was the German shepherd sitting in between them on a red sofa, I was thinking something inspired of a Lichtenstein some what at the same time, using their style in their world of art. The director's idea was pure genius move going from Los Angeles and to London again(its on the "PopArt" Commentary if you don't believe this idea was from the director) Anyway, I believe it contrasts to the London music video. Reason I said this part is when you look at their London music video, it reveals the "real" part of London, not the typical London the whole crumpets and tea and all that. I mean its there but yeah you would get my point on this. I was making a comparison on this bit. I love how it shows Los Angeles and London in Suburbia, I bet the director studied art to make a change of scene, I love how it shows Los Angeles how it is, not the whole Hollywood hotspot bit, but the whole graffiti, abandoned cars, buses, rowdy neighbors and outrageous dogs running the street. I like the whole rowdy dogs in the scene in the beginning that triggered the idea of Los Angeles to me. Towards the end of the song, it reminded me of some 90's movie for some odd reason.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pet Shop Boys - Heart/My observations on Pet Shop Boys's Heart music video

This video I could tell totally based on where it was going. It was inspire by the whole Nosefaratu* I think I spelled it right, idea. The "PopArt" commentary proves this observation. I would have thought they would taken a different approach with the song, but I like how it turned out though! The part have me pondering the most was that vampire had rat teeth, I didn't see fangs, If those were vampiric teeth then I must be blind. I also like towards the end there was some kind of shadow vampire flying and then was on the tree. Chris Lowe and his acting is a classic comedy, and Neil's acting a phenomenal, I swear he should an actor for some series or something. I don't know they knock them down being actors. The setting over all, I can definitely tell they had location and it was expensive!

Tainted Love by Soft Cell (Original 1981 version)/My observations on it

The 1981 music video of Tainted Love really stunned me through all kinds of directions. I can tell it was staged propped or something in that nature. Marc looked like Caligula ( I personally thought Julius Ceaser). Dave was some kind of gardener or a game player or something? I have no idea. The actors were interesting too. A female trying to feed him something, a black male fanner, and a little black girl too. Anyway, I like how artsy this was. What threw me off was, where was the Tainted Love in it? I thought Marc was trying to hit on that little girl. It confused me for the longest time. But overall, I love how it was set. It was like art meets ancient era or something. I love how they use art in odd ways. They use whatever that have as in props or sets and just have fun and being eccentric, I believe. I actually, didn't know they had an 80's version of Tainted Love, It was hard to find for the longest! Thank you God for YouTube!

Soft Cell - Tainted Love (1981) The 90's version (massive typo on the Youtube video)

The 1991 music video of Tainted Love actually made more sense to me than the first one! I love the whole astrology and the star dancers. The quality was still developing as far as computer graphics. I love how it starts off: The alignment of one of the star dancer's legs shaped of an "L" and some blue comic comes out of nowhere in a circle way. You see a random guy in his bed, looking at some book. I love it when he looks at it and goes directly to Virgo and it would say if I remember correctly: Tonight the full moon means you in for a bumpy ride! Planetary alignment brings you trouble in love." Something in that order if you will. Then you would see Marc's floating head. I wonder if he was suppose to be the moon or something. The only thing that had me baffled was wonder where's Dave Ball? Wasn't he part of the band? Well no matter, it was filmed and done with. I did like the whole theme of the music video, I could actually comprehend the song better in that video! P.S. Towards the end I was confused because of the candle fire and then Marc's head.

Soft Cell- What! (official video)/About Soft Cell's What?! music video through my observations

Soft Cell's music video What? or What! was a mix of Andy Warhol's and Roy Lichtenstein's Pop and Op art series. It begins with a Andy Warhol type four Marilyn Monroes in one scene shot and then went down to one and then she winked at you. Then having Roy Lichtenstein typed Letters and some of the photos of Marc Almond behind a Lichtenstein piece called "Deconstructing" as well as the primary colours of his outfit matched the same style as the background photo. I love that mix of pure art over their twisted styles of art. The actors was almost like the art pieces were coming to life! the checkerboard floor is like the optical illusion, made that whole dizzy feeling. The song itself is a wonderful masterpiece, again another organic piece of art! I would love to see more pieces using originality. I was even impressed Marc and Dave even gotten a photo with Andy Warhol, a dynamic wonder that is!(will add a photo of that soon!)

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls/My observation on Pet Shop Boys's West End Girls video

When I first saw it, it astounded me. I love the setting and location they used. You'd think since they dressed so well in that video, what would they be on the side of town for? Before I watched the Pop Art and listened to the Commentary, I picked up a few things: when Neil is singing and Chris is in the background scene, I thought about the "Farmer and his Wife" piece, then another where Neil is in front of the background, I noticed the lighting was in some form of an "!" or exclamation point or mark. When I heard the "PopArt" commentary, it concluded my observations accurately! The scenery of London, I totally where Neil said its a like a travel Catalogue of London. Something like that. I'm American even that wanted me to want to go over there. I also love how it starts too, the while clips of different things then you would see them, as the song was coming in time, the clips were going faster and it stopped on a East End Boy. The whole song is just purely art and astonishing. The whole behind the scenes on how the song came about just intrigued. From Grandmaster Flash's The Message to using a bear riff from Michael Jackson's Billie Jean and a poem and then the "Sometimes you're better off dead, there's a gun in your and and it's pointing at your head" bit from a movie. So it has art in all forms and shapes.

Soft Cell - Frustration/My art observations about Soft Cell's Frustration video

Soft Cell's Frustration music video fascinated me a lot. The whole graveyard scenario and having the idealistic stereotypical man was pure classic. I love how Marc Almond is just in the scene singing almost like narrating really. The angles he was in and just seems like some kind of spirit just talking the day way about this man. The man is portrayed by Dave Ball, he plays the person that is obviously stated in the lyrics to the song. What shocked me was that the main character just simply fell out and supposedly died, but didn't die. Even then, Marc was still popping out and narrating, and the part him sitting on the coffin gave me that eerie feeling of how a low life person would get into if not careful. I also love how Marc was going nuts on the gravesite, that was pure acting right there people! My favourite scene of all though was the "Frustration I want to DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" bit, where Dave is awake in the coffin and screams or lip scream because he was being buried alive! Classic! I love the location and usage of props and actors and the quality of film they used, it was organic and original, I believe they used Super 8 films for this footage

My observations on between Pet Shop Boys and Soft Cell videos

I looked at just about all music videos and saw similarities and differences. When I think of Pet Shop Boys music videos, I think its a "structured" clash of art in original unpredictable ways. They certainly appreciate art, it reflects on their videos plus their movie "It Couldn't Happen Here" I love how they just make their videos, and viewers such as myself and plethora of others can observe what are they actually trying to convey. I call them unpredictable because after looking at their videos, they have different styles, locations, some can be complex or some can be simple. The more as they gotten older, they were being in their videos much less. I love how they use symbolism, artists' references, other artists in their videos as well. They should be actors more often! They are also odd but in a more organized way I think.

 Soft Cell were more of originals or how you would say "organic" they used props or whatever they would have. Actually being on locations or just being in a studio having fun. I love how their videos have like a random feel to it. They clearly approached art based on how they saw it as well. They used what they have learned to progress their videos. Even their albums carried out the same eccentric ideas, I don't know if they were low-budget videos but it seem like they didn't use a lot of money in their videos. Even as Marc's solo career his videos, had some of that feel into it. Then used more computer graphics as the years go by. I for one love being cheap at times. A music video is basically a way to engage on what the artist's trying to get at: some do well and some don't. I personally like to see an artist do something totally out of the norm if that makes any sense. I did see some art references too.

I will post the art references soon.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My discussion on Pet Shop Boys The Most Incredible Thing

When I first bought The Most Incredible Thing, I was in complete awe! I wanted sooooo badly. I could not believe they had it right close to my school. I never went to this CD store in my life, I would always pass it but when I went there, I was so proud and glad I went to it. They had no Soft Cell stuff sadly, so instead I purchased four Pet Shop Boys items. Discography, Somewhere Concert, Pop Art CD, and The Most Incredible Thing. When I got home, I played both CDs, all I can say is pure art! I love the way they had some many genres in them. I mean it went from rave to classical, with then moments, I was like wow! My aunt and I was listening to it, she even agreed. it sound like a bit of Depeche Mode, classical, disco, rave, electronic and so on. Even hearing vocalizations I could visualize the whole story. I like it over all, but my few favourites are "The Grind", "The Competition", "The Meeting", and "The Winner." "The Competition" and "The Winner" reminded me of Broadway with rave club music. I may not know a lot about them but I can surely say this much, they surely know Art when they see it. When I saw other fans having it, I was sad because I heard bits and pieces online and on podcasts, but I had to have it, if I did not get anymore of their music, that was something I had to get. I love classical sounds, and they went above and beyond, I just simply love it. I play it a lot actually, when I clean that's the first thing I would play, even my aunt asked to play while firing fireworks. Even my own mother likes it. She would not expect it coming from them. I saw bits of the play too on YouTube, it is a definitely a MUST SEE, I repeat a MUST SEE!!! I am so glad I purchased it, It was definitely worth buying!!!

I would like to start off with my previous discussion about Catalogue

Catalogue is a fantastic Pet Shop Boys book. It is a 336 page book with over thousands astounding photographs of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. I asked fans what book would be the first book of the Pet Shop Boys to get, they all told me to get Catalogue. I'm glad I bought it, it really is a fascination to get. It starts off with bits of photos of them from then to now and then during the University Tour. It is like a brief introduction almost like you see a sneak preview of their reflection knowing to be a two guy band that last for so long. Then it takes you back all the way from West End Girls to Battleship Potemkin. What I personally love about the book as an artist, it reveals photos from their promos and so on in an organized fashion. It reveals all their songs that was released as videos and as singles. You can definitely tell their fashion sense was way different like it is now. I also love how they give a brief sample of their other books too. The title of the book really speaks for itself. The well-organized snippets of their music videos. Having contact sheets too and showing how other photos looked like before they chosen the final photo. The Christmas cards are enjoyable to look at as well, it reveals how the musicians have a soft side under their frowns. The Chronology is well put out as well from start to just about finish really, and the conversation of the Pet Shop Boys with Chris Heath (also known for Pet Shop Boys vs. America and Literally and can be heard on the Pet Shop Boys's Pop Art DVD commentary)It also proves to the viewers that Neil and Chris strongly adore art, it reflects on their masterpieces. I only wished they could have it to come out around this time, because of their wondrous piece The Most Incredible Thing. I love it when artists know art, observe it and take it as their own and have fun with it. I would highly recommend this book to any fellow artists or any fan that really adore them or love photos! I can also say on a personal note, I practically have my own little collection in one book. It is almost like a guide to their artistic world if you will. I want to say more about the book, but for now this is far as I go.  and it also have on the front cover Chris Lowe in the "Suburbia" photo shoot and Neil Tennant on the back. the hardback have the Nightlife photo in a pinkish orange colour. ) P.S. the photo has a picture of my painting pants on the bottom of the photo XD