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My Little Pet Shop Boys and Soft Cell/Marc AlmondCollections

 My Pet Shop Boys Collection        ********* just came recently  "-" means it's no longer with me


Please Further Listening

Actually Further Listening

Introspective Further Listening
***********Bilingual Further Listening

Very Relentless

Very Further Listening 

Disco 2
Alternative (Lenticular casing)
Pet Shop Boys Singles Collection 2000
Release (Limited Edition really is a different cover, same thing songs)
Disco 3
PopArt: the Hits
Disco 4

Back to Mine 
Yes, Etc
Pet Shop Boys Live at the O2 Arena + DVD
Ultimate Deluxe Edition includes DVD(was a gift by LNF)
The Most Incredible Thing
*************Battleship Potemkin

***CDs no longer with me***
Behavior -

***CD Singles***
"I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore" (single)
"Can you Forgive Her?" (Single)
"I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing" (single,bonus version)
"Go West" (single)
"Where the Streets Have No Name, Can't Take My Eyes off of you"(single) 
"How Can you Expect to be Taken Seriously" (single)
Before CD5 Maxi Single
"Se a Vida É( That's the Way Life Is)" and "To Step Aside" single 
The Maxi-CD Collection of the Pet Shop Boys
"Yesterday When I was Mad"
I Get Along"
**********"So Hard"
***********"Was it Worth It? (2, but one of them is a different version)
************"DJ Culturemix"
***********Paninaro '95 CD 1

MCMLXXXIX/Highlights tour

Performance (was a gift by LNF)
Somewhere Concert
PopArt(my aunt Dionne Mitchell bought it)
Life in Pop

.45 "Opportunities" B-side "Was That What it Was?"(was a gift by a fan for assisting a situation)
"West End Girls(extended dance version)"  B-side "A Man Could Get Arrested" and "West End Girls"
"So Hard(extended dance mix, single)" B-side "So Hard(Dub) and "It Must Be Obvious"-
"Was It Worth It?" (Single)
"Love Comes Quickly(single)
"Where the Streets Have No Name, I can't My Eyes Off of You(single)
"I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing" (the DJ Pierre Remixes)
"Se A Vida E" The Remixes 2x 12
"West End Girls"(original 1984) 12inch vinyl
"Domino Dancing"
**********"Domino Dancing"(demo)
***********It's Alright
PSB "NYC BOY" Remixes
********"So Hard" extended
********Yesterday When I Was Mad
*********Can You Forgive Her? remixes

---Audios sent to me (The *** indicate an associate sent it to me)---
Battleship Potemkin ***
Actually + Further Listening***
Introspective + Further Listening ***
Please + Further Listening***
bits from Very Relentless
Pet Shop Boys Demos (from Various fans)
bits from Beside( from Various fans)

Annually(gift by Mischell 'Meech' Yost)
Pet Shop Boys vs. America

Best of Smash Hits compiled by Neil Tennant
The Best of Smash Hits: the 80's
Yes Commentary(from a fan)
Podcasts from March 31, 2009 and April 2, 2009(a fan sent it)
Word Podcast March of 2011(fan sent it)
Pet Shop Boys Really audio documentary (Thanks to Clare showing me the link!)
Smash Hits: A Marc Almond interview by Neil Tennant from July 8, 1982(gift by Peter Parkinson)
FanArt from several fans
Rare unreleased demos Clare sent me
Radio One documentary about Pet Shop Boys 2 CDs (was a gift made from Alfina)
a Chris Lowe poster from Yvonne Moore (Marc Almond fan)
*********New Wave Encylopedia of the 80's

My Soft Cell/ Marc Almond collection

---CDs--- ********* just came recently
*************The Very Best of Soft Cell 
Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret
Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret included bonus tracks(light blue outline around the cover)
The Art of Falling Apart(was a gift by my aunt)
Soft Cell:The Singles 
Stars We Are
***********Soft Cell live 2 disc set
Soft Cell live 2 disc set same songs different art cover(needs to be replaced)
My Hand Over My Heart (was a gift by Melanie Skubich)
 Live at the Union Chapel 12 December 2000 (was a gift by Melanie Skubich)
Live at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, 1992 (was a gift by Melanie Skubich)
Tenement Symphony
This Last Night....in Sodom
Soft Cell 12 Inch singles 3 CD set 
Soft Cell/Marc Almond Memorabilia: The Singles
Treasure Box
Child Star
"Monoculture" (single) 
 Stardom Road
Virgin's Tale II
The Idol
Stories Of Johnny
Soft Cell vs. Club 69
"The Night" (single)
"Say Hello, Wave Goodbye 91" (single)  
Cruelty Without Beauty
Soft Cell single box set 
Fantastic Star
"Violence Silence/A Woman's Story"
"Soul Inside"
Down in the Subway"
part one of "Monoculture" remixes 
**********Adored and Explored

"Soul Inside" with single, "You Only Live Twice(007 Theme) B-side "Numbers", "Barriers" and "Her Imagination"
Art of Falling Apart + Bonus Hendrix Medley and Martin
"Tainted Love" b-side "Memorabilia" and "Tainted Dub"
"Torch" B-side "Insecure Me"
"Stories of Johnny"(single)
"Love Letter" (single)
"Only the Moment" (single)
Non Stop Erotic Cabaret 
"A Lover Spurned"
"Desperate Hours" (Extended Flamenco mix, picture disc)
Singles 1984-1987
 "Tears Run Rings"(single)
Hand Over My Heart
Something's Gotten a Hold of My Heart
Marc and the Mambas Torment and Toreros

Soft Cell Live in Milan
Soft Cell's Non-Stop Exotic Video Show(gift by Elaine Darvas)

Soft Cell Demos Non Stop and Bedsit Tapes
other rare songs and from This Last Night....In Sodom
some more i'm trying to think here
Cruelty Without Beauty (sent to me by Melanie Skubich)

Tainted Life
In Search of Pleasure Palace
The Last Star
**********Soft Cell biography book (gift by Elaine Darvas)
The End of New York

Reason for my collection is because I would like to decorate my room with vinyls and poster and stuff. I'm not just buying items just because, and mine is on the artsy side if you can't tell already. (More will be updated as soon as I get to my bags, I move them around a lot. )