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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pet Shop Boys - Paninaro (original video)

Yes, I’m back gotten busier with the new small jobs at college I have and my art projects I’m doing. I got back into doing the video critiques. I will discuss the newer videos later on in the blog.

“Paninaro” is a video that the Pet Shop Boys themselves created while they were in Milan. It is the derivative of the word “Paninari” which means sandwich. There were some Italian youth culture that was described or depict from this segment but really were teens wearing random clothes like rolled up jeans, white trousers, Timberland shoes, etc. Almost how Chris was dressed in the video. Chris wore the same iconic Issey Miyake “Suburbia” sunglasses. I like how it was symbolic within itself because it was a like a follow up from the “Suburbia” video and Neil with the cowboy hat and shades. I think that the Boys used Super 8 films only because of the style and how it looked. Soft Cell used something quite similar for the “Memorabilia” video.  I actually really liked how they did their own video; it shows their creative side other than getting another artist’s interpretation, which isn’t bad either. Some photo shots of Chris and Neil from the video later because the cover of the Disco which oddly enough, was inspired by Soft Cell’s Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing because of a remix album. They also used two of the photos for their VHS and LaserDisc of Television .They elements of using other people in their videos, Chris dancing, stop motion with the Miyake shades and a lot of editing, and having some symbolism with the words like “Passion”, “Love” and “Art”. The 80’s were very opened for new style and trends and the Boys were taking one step at a time. There’s another key part in the song while the song plays, you hear Chris’ voice from an interview where he talks about what he didn’t like and what he like. Which is cool and rare that he does more talking than Neil, since he doesn’t like the do a lot of chit chat. If I had to choose between Pop or Art, I’d say art.