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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Birthday Post!

After finishing my studies, I worked on a birthday drawing for Mr. Chris Lowe for his 53rd birthday. I actually didn't have an actual idea in mind , so I saw a photo on the official site and thought the hat was extremely cool and abstract! And something click into my head and I also wanted to add the cartoon, animal version of Chris, called Kip I made up.  I know it's a bit off because I made the proportions a bit small but I think it's okay enough to post it. Basically a pencil drawing Chris out and since he loves to sleep there's some Z's there. The photo also reminded me of Eric Watson's iconic "Love Comes Quickly" photo of Chris but an updated and futuristic and almost look like a church hat too. But anyway, Happy Birthday Chris Lowe! It's crayons and markers! 

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