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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pet Shop Boys - Rent (live) 1991 [HD]


This is one of my least favourite songs by them, but the way they did the Liza Minnelli version of their song was pretty good and more dramatic with a dash of soul. It's almost something you see on Broadway acting. The "you dress me up, I'm your puppet" line cracked me up, well the way he says puppet it's like pupot or something and him and Chris saying it on the commentary is just hilarious. I gotten the Broadway feel because of the he's positioned and singing. There's a reason why they used this version, but I will let you guys figure it out, if you have the DVD. I think he was portraying the victim of someone using him for his money. I mean to me, it made sense because how Sylvia is still dressed up like that(glamorous). When she start singoing "Look at the two of us...." line, the tone of the song I started to like because its in a key minor I don't what key it is, but I love that key of any song. This matches it perfectly well, because she seems like she's the gold digger and took everything from him, In other words, loves him for his money. Pam's and Derek's chorus "oohs" really gives it that tense feel of the song, rather than the pop version. It's like how The Fray did the song "Heartless" and Kanye West as well, but the The Fray captured the song more because it's softer and the way it was done it more tense if you will, you can definitely feel how the person was hurt from a heartless woman, where as West's version was so pop-ish, I'm not saying it wasn't good, but the point wasn't conveyed as much as the The Fray's. Like this version of Rent same thing, I'm not knocking down Pet Shop Boys's version of the song, but Liza's version of a soft and slower makes it more sensual, sadistic and dramatic and it gives it more a dynamic feel, but that's just me. The way Sylvia sings it, she seems like she was the one that was using him for his money, and it seem if they were a fictional character couple, she probably did love him until it was more of the money especially how she sings "I love you, you pay my Rent." Her and the other singers really outdone themselves on the Liza version of Rent, especially the chorus. Sorry If I sound repetitive here, but it does bring out the song more especially the sensual, mellow, and dramatic.

Pet Shop Boys - How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously (live) 1991 [HD]

"How Can You Expect to be Taken Seriously?"
This is another of ideas I liked for this song, because now this is where the just of things are starting to unravel. The scene is open up as they were left off on "Opportunities." Trevor raps in this song which I think it pulls out the song more I think. They should perform this song more often so people can know what not to do on being an upcoming celebrity. Mark and Trevor are dancing but it's a bit different dance than in the music video. I like the line in the rap Living a life in a dream and that's how it is. Neil is singing to Chris about it which is pretty funny, because his character is just as bad as Chris's.And Chris is just sitting there being what he's told to do what he would be told to do in a performance. And the dancers instead of briefcases and phones, now they are representing the media: press and paparazzi. The back up singers are pointing out their finger gestures which I also like because how can you expect to be Taken Seriously? Then Neil says "Do you have a message for your fans, for your fans?" and Chris shook his head as a response to "No" and Neil's gestures of shrugging his shoulders is like "oh I see, Oh well then" that was a good acting bit there, I think that was a mocking or teasing in a way. The had a thing about the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame as well and it categorized different rock bands for something unique; Neil points out in the commentary that how things have changed especially their point of view of rock in some cases and I guess some of it is irrelevant too and no real point of it anymore, it is what it is really. I also notice the keyboard of the computer, all the keys aren't on there either so its like the idealistic keyboard you would see in a cartoon with a bunch of buttons and a space bar. Neil couldn't figure out the portraits being on stage, but I think I can. Those portraits happen to be from the "Heart" single cover and from their book Annually, so it made sense that it represents their fragile hearts being sucked in and the portraits points it out even further. They started off trying to be something and now, would they whined up with nothing? Or it could me when they looked at it, they are looking at the old them and thinking that's not me anymore, this is what I am now. Or it can be their spirits trapped inside (the whole superstition of taking a photo and it traps your soul scenario) and they can't do nothing about it, and their mind isn't focused on what's real anymore the characters that is. All those two portrait needed was them in chains really that would really brought my theory more because of their faces don't look too ecstatic. I would call it "chained to reality" a friend I know used to have this nickname but since she's fully Christian now, I thought I use it to signify it's meaning. Mark and Trevor are holding the portraits as if they gotten their very souls. Then you have Neil and Chris standing next to them as well which the dancers are being what paparazzi do: take photos, but in this sense, it's more like they are almost demonic and captured them and now there's really no turning back. It's like what happened to the characters, do they not miss being what artists represents, and now being sucked in and it's almost like a stage of hell minus the fire. Even Neil did look at himself for a brief moment, maybe thinking should I go back being this way, and apparently didn't and turned front word and let the pigs take their photos. I think some rock stars do the blow up photo of themselves but I don't know as in taking pictures with it. Then Trevor raps again, I love that rap he wrote and did for the song, the way he does it now, it's like their life is flashing before their eyes like. Then you see the pig dancers with forks and knives, now it's time for the characters being eating alive by the media, it does happen, but this is a symbolism base as you can see. The slow motion gives it more of the more dramatic way of what happens when you get eating alive by the media. You usually see tabloids, gossip, rumours, etc that's what really happens. Then the portraits are being dragged away as well, I think it's a way to get the props off, but it's also good because that's also their life being gone down the toilet. I find it hilarious, but it is all true unfortunately. It's the way they conveyed it animated but realism style capture that perfectly. Chris and then Neil said in the commentary,"Mein Teil" which in German means "my parts" it's also a song done by Rammstein, which a man actually cooked private parts and eats them, I wonder if they know that too. I personally thought it was an understatement, but being eaten alive and someone cooking penises does seems to go hand in hand on pain, whoever ate the private parts, the victim wasn't too thrilled with that. They did a remix of the song as well. Anyway, they are so gobbled and chowed down by the press, it looks almost unreal. Then they are laughing with forks in their hands and doing nosies, and looks like humping too, meaning they won and the celebs lost in the world of misfortune. Chris Heath stated the point about the pigs and Neil points out further and confirms that the people are feeding off the artists. Then the dancers are dancing in some comedic strange way of sex, but this is like some victorious dry humping more like. Then on to the backstage funny bit where you see them especially Chris and his real hair. I like this as well because it's like a continuation of the celeb life is being carried out, it's not what it really seems.

Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities (let's make lots of money) (live) 1991 [HD]


After the shock therapy and umbrellas with question marks on top of them, the fictional character Neil and Chris portrayed were at the rising action of being pop/rock stars(mostly rock because of the outfits they wore). I like how it starts off seeing the dancers being dressed up like pigs or hogs in work suits, I thought it personally was some kind of racist kind of thing because in some terms, white people are called pigs. But after watching a decent amount of times, I fully see what the pig ideal represent: greed and corruption. Even though Neil said in the commentary that someone said it was the pigs were ripped off by Pink Floyd. That's how most stars, or beginning stars mess up on, meeting the wrong people that screw them over. Moving along, you see the dancers doing typical movements of what people in show business do, the wrong ones that is: being on phones chatting and doing secret scams, holding a briefcase, and ripping musicians off of money, the lights of dollar signs on the floor and the dancers a moving like they are either picking up the money or swimming in loads of cash and taking money off from the artist themselves. In other words: doing some illegal damage that might terrorize the life of an star, well partially that. Even the back up singers were wearing pig masks and wearing extravagant attires and hold a small stack of money. Pam look like she represents a worker or an assistance manger, Sylvia looks like one of those woman that only love you if you have money and Derek looks like type of hustler that gotten you in some kind of scandal. The dancers did some sort of "The Wave" movement too. The door entrance that Neil comes out of looked animated because of the the way the bricks are aligned. You have him looking like some sort of Elvis Presley mixed with Grease get up: the wiz kid hairdo, the leather jacket and attire, and the shoes look so 70's at the same time, they looked like the ones Pee-Wee Herman wore when he dances to "Tequila" by the Champs. Neil and Chris said in the commentary that Grease is the word so I'm guessing that had to be inspired by Grease. The dancers are moving around in some sort of being prideful and boastful knowing they can attack on an upcoming star. Some of the dancers look like they can be couples too, even couple do some phony things to stay on top. It's practically cliched in movies. Then they are dancing like money is like sex to them: fast and more to burn. Some of the dancers are appearing to look like they are laughing as well, which is another thing you would see as well. When they know they got you under their trap, THERE'S NO ESCAPE! Well there is one way, but I am not going to reveal it until that review is up. You probably can guess. During the tour in Canada, Chris gave Neil the idea to put a banana in his trousers this can be hear on the commentary and a friend told me it's in PSB vs. America as well. The way the pigs are moving now, they seem to spot their victim or victims, gifted artists with natural talents getting sucked in and playing the fate card. I think the reason the dancers lined up and Neil is second to last could point out that even the nicest one can mess up too and get up caught up with the wrong people. That moving bit was a bit stiff, but he has a microphone in one hand so I see why it would be difficult to move around. Then Neil pointed out to Chris Heath that the "two heroes arrived in the music business and it being run by capitalists pigs, what a way to add a hit of political science to it! I love the leaning table with the computer and I think a fax machine/printer because some cartoons you would see something like that and they captured that perfectly well. Then Chris Lowe appearing with his synthesizer again and wearing a wig that is more like a structured Kid 'n' Play style mix with Grease and the leopard skin suit. One of the pigs come up to him with "where's the money? hand gesture" and Chris is being blank and playing with the keyboard. Usually the manager would say look good but don't say anything. Then you see another pig with documents that can be disasterous for the musician but they won't know until they start seeing the changes. The new coat Neil wears, I'm not sure if that's Elvis Presley inspired, but the gold on it can represent wealth possibly, and he's being pampered which is another thing happens when you get the star treatment. The dancers are really portraying what would happen behind closed doors of some scammed managers. Then it's official, they became rock stars well their characters, and then the dancers are acting as if they got them now and there's no turning back. The way Neil have his hands up and and Chris with sunglasses, proves to them that money is power..or is it? Their life is on the line, how long would you think they would last? This is one of my favourite piece because it delivers a powerful message about celebrity life, this is part one of it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pet Shop Boys - Im Not Scared (live) 1991 [HD]

"I'm Not Scared"

It seems in this piece looks like another do with a break out, but instead it looks more of a robbery taken place. The beginning of the song, I didn't know what it was so I asked good friends of mine about it, one of them told me based on Dr. Studer's www.geowayne.com site said that the beginning bit is from the sounds of the 1968 Paris Riots, which made perfect sense on the scene. I thought personally it was the Russian anthem which proves my lack of knowledge of the culture .Moving along, the piece have white silhouettes of the figures in a running position you see on the DVD cover as well but inversed coloured. I think Neil said the song is based off a book on the commentary, if I'm not mistaken. The setting that seem to be a stretch of road looks like optical illusion, you think it's actually leading to something, but that's the background and you will be knocked out if you run towards it. That's the beauty optical illusion which also conveys the animated look. One of the dancers is carrying a giant suitcase and then dances around in the middle of the setting of a street, then leaves with the suitcase and holding it as if it was dear. Then you see another one with two suitcases and then were place in which Neil and Chris will be carrying them. Then you see two more dancers behind Neil and Chris, I guess the riots was probably an outbreak or something. Then you see them dancing and the suitcases are part of it. Neil says in the commentary they're on the run from school or authority (I personally think the authority only because of the age and the suitcase) then they wanted to be fabulous but the society wouldn't let them, that explains the overcoats they look like they are incognito. Chris with binoculars possibly indicate they are looking for a good place to hide and fit in the crowd, and start a new life. Even the yellow masked dancers seem to be trying to look for a new identity. The lights on the floor look like an animated ground something you would see in a comic book. Which ironically Neil did work in Marvel comics, it would make perfect sense. The audio of voices could be still part of the 1968 Paris Riots, I'm not sure. The dancers running in place and moving in unison does give that feel of wanting to escape. The costumes remind of a Van Gogh's piece Flower Beds in Holland (with the flowers where you have one unique white flower and the rest are in the same colour.) Like one of the dancers wearing a beige and the others with a dark colour. Chris is still searching and Neil pointed out in the commentary that they provide entertainment without relying on them, which is true in their concerts, they do some action as they call "acting alerts" which I still find that hilarious they can be actors if they really wanted to, but you see that the dancers are doing more of the entertainment, giving other cultures a chance to shine even; which I adore a lot because most of them seem pretty successful in the long run, opening doors and explore. I see that the dancers are doing a small bit of the "Running Man" dance. Then you see the angels dancers again probably trying to help the main characters on their journey or protecting them maybe? Then two of the dancers have a fake bomb, the ones you see in cartoons, if only it have the word "Acme" instead of "bomb" then one threw one out. Which mean people better run before they get caught in the explosion possibly. Then you see Neil exiting out of the stage where the angel dancers having their heads down. Then Chris is left alone and now running because his buddy left him, while he was looking through the binoculars.

Pet Shop Boys - My October Symphony (live) 1991 [HD]

"My October Symphony"

After getting their coats on, on the backstage footage, they get ready for "My October Symphony" which Neil doesn't sing or Chris comes without his keyboard. Instead they are portraying tourists in Russia on a snowy day, where you have Derek, Pam and Sylvia singing the song, it was a decision made by them, Neil says it in the commentary. You would see some Russian writing which can depict the song have to do with a Russian theme, like a clue breaker. This and the next song "I'm Not Scared" these two pieces I definitely can tell or what I think that represent Neil and Chris in personality wise, because Neil adores the Russian culture and then Chris appears to be quite a dancer, even though this whole masterpiece represents them and other themes completely, but these two stuck it out for me. This is also as the DVD cover which Neil and Chris are silhouettes and then that back ground with those strange figures. You can see the lighting looking like snow on the floor on the background to give it that scenery. Then you have the dancers dressing in black Russian attire and bringing out the chairs to sit and doing hand gestures and you see a ballerina taking off her coat and revealing herself as a dancer. Derek still wearing the dog collar even though you faintly see it, is quite funny to me. Then you have Neil and Chris walking slowly down the set, with their umbrellas and Chris with his camera. Then you have some other dancers smashing a giant man's head with the hammer and the sickle(also the same instruments you see on the flag of the Soviet Union, which represented the nation's workers and peasants while the red star represented the rule of the Communist Party) this information can be found on encyclopedias and dictionaries. Just a brief trivia there, anyway, after the head was cracked wide open, Neil stands next to it while Chris took a photo of him. Something tourist do. Then you have the angel dancers again, to me it's like they are watching them on their journey of adulthood and God won this round where they can be one of the crowd as Neil said in the commentary. Then you have where they are walking off the stage slowly and then the dancers are moving the chair which is another good way of dancing and moving the chairs off stage. I do like the real clouds in the back ground, but the snow doesn't look too real. The way Derek, Pam and Sylvia sing this song sounds pretty soulful.

A small update just thought about this (I don't know too much about the Russian culture and I'm NOT no where racist!) but I thought about this when I saw a cartoon.  The giant head only prove that it could have been an exaggerated symbolism of the falling of communism when the dancers was cracking the head open, I saw a cartoon where several people knocked over a statue and was supposedly the fallen of communism, since Neil is fascination to the Russian culture, it made sense! Not to also mention in the song "Left to My Own Devices" the lyric line "....Che Guevara to Debussy to a disco beat" Guevara was also part of the communism movement too along with few others, it seems to start making sense now! What's even more shocking, I found this out on an adult cartoon! 

Pet Shop Boys - What Have I Done To Deserve This (live) 1991 [HD]

"What Have I Done to Deserve This"

You would hear an instrumental bit of "This Must Be The Place I Waited Years to Leave" only a brief moment so people can get into character and place. The background have a wave of water if someone is surfing and you see fish moving, that is the lighting apparently. That was another good move. Then you hear like some sound of water, beach birds chirping and see four fish coming about in green, white or light blue? and red(if it was red, white and green, that could symbolize as their love for the Latin culture, because that's the colour of the Mexican flag). Then you have the people backstage getting ready as they put their costumes on and what not. Seeing crew members as well. Then now you have two dancers with wings doing some hip hop-ish dancing, I think it is probably a way that God have won this round meaning that the main characters aren't dead yet. Then Neil and Chris look like mature men with mustaches and surf board and of course Chris' keyboard. I like this bit because of the bright colour of pink and yellow and their surf boards have the opposite colours, like some inverse. It is hilarious to see them in mustaches, Chris says in the commentary they are being chased down the corridor. I could picture that in my mine definitely, more acting alerts, which is another part I love as well. I think the mustaches indicate that they definitely not in their childhood anymore...or are they? I did get the sense of The Thompson Twins on the surfing and bright colours and this Pettibone mix of "What Have I Done to Deserve This?" The back up singers are behind them singing and then you see the female dancers wearing dresses that look like some Dorothy would wear in the Wizard of Oz, not to mention the pumpkin heads. Neil said in the commentary that didn't quite understand that whole bit. I think I can interpret it though: The pumpkin heads and the men wearing luchador masks I think suppose to represent hell maybe? The line "We don't need to go to hell and back every night..." that's what I'm picking up. I could be wrong so you don't have to take my word for it. The props of briefcases or purses and bats could also mean that the relationship one does everything and the other is the abuser but then the relationship makes up but goes back into the disaster. Towards the end of the song, Derek is singing that last bit and Pam and Sylvia are like "I don't think so, let's go." It would make sense, they crew got to get the props ready for the next scene.

Pet Shop Boys - Losing My Mind (live) 1991 [HD]

"Losing My Mind"

Now this part of the show should be a continuation of "Yesterday When I Was Mad" music video because of the madness you would see, the title speaks for itself, you have screams and seem to be in the dormitory only with additional crazy asylum props to make it seem that way. I also think this is also part two of the nightmare that was from "It's a Sin." Where you have the additional vocal singers appearing: Sylvia Mason-James and Derek Green as kinky sex couples but seem to be off and on with each other(again it looks comedic because Sylvia's hair looks animated or cartoonish with red curly spikes and holding a whip and Derek's dog collar looks exaggeratedly big even the spikes on it depicts that as well) and you have Pam Sheyne as a woman on a wheel chair, plus her hair style looked a bit cartoonish too, I don't know if that silver streak in her hair represents that, but that is what I am picking up. Maybe this scene is also where maybe when you're younger you fallen in love officially and you think about someone.Then it gets dark and you hear screams sound animated to me, I think it's probably from Derek I'm not sure. Then you have Derek doing some bizarre things such as touching boys inappropriately, behind the bed shaking and pulling people from behind and placing his chain leash on random people, like Sylvia while she walks around with her whip and letting it slide on people, I think Neil is one of them. Then you have Pam moving around in the wheelchair. What was funny to see Sylvia up on the bed: with high heels, swinging her whip, and singing at the same time, that doesn't look possible especially if that bed looks like it have a thin matress. Neil and Chris seems to be acting pretty well in the scene, seem like they are "losing their minds" literately. Which oddly enough is like a dramatic version of "Tainted Love" to me. Then Pam falls gets out of the wheelchair but have fallen down but gotten support on the bed where Neil is located. Derek looked like he was having fun playing his part so well, it's rather laughable. Then you lightening come about the lights and you see light images of lightening in flashing red, white and blue. The clock's long hand is moving back and forth also indicate how lightening is very strong. Then you have a dancer spinning around a bed, I think they are moving the props around to get it off stage, that was a creative move on their part. I think I hear sirens as well the screaming again. The moving lights is also another type of animated move because when you see that people escape in cartoons, you hear sirens as well as moving lights trying to capture the people who escaped. The smoke cloud was another good move. Maybe this signify how someone can escape of childhood and become an adult.

Pet Shop Boys - It's a Sin (live) 1991 [HD]

"It's A Sin"

After the instrumental bit of "This Must Be The Place I Waited Years to Leave,"(I think it's like a recap or reflection of the childhood life if that makes sense) the props of beds are on the stage and the dancers are getting into place when they in prayer position of the next act which is a good led into of the piece. It connects very well. Then you would see after the songs, you see backstage dressing room footage, which I personally like because you the veiwer can see who is behind of the thing and seeing them having a good brief time before they hit the stage again. Anyway, it gets dark and you see arrows pointing at different directions; different kinds of lights that can make certain things glow: (like black lighting that looks fuzzy when you see it, but on some fabrics, it makes them glow, an example not from this concert, is Cubism where you see Chris's electric yellow jacket get so bright. Most of the time, that kind of lighting will do that to your clothes.) Then you have a woman looks computerized and looking inside the window like a peeping Tom. Then the dancers are moving their legs like something happened or being frightened. I actually would get scared of this song myself. The setting is in a dormitory and the dancers are portraying how a lot of the things like some sexual acts are sinful. Then you have an dancer dressed up like a demon possessing the children. Then you have another dancer that is supposed to be molesting the children in a graphic way like Lust: one on the Seven Deadly Sins. Katie is the schoolboy character that seem to be the one that is getting touched by a demon and a woman, then the older schoolboy picks her up and escapes or try to. The two sinful characters are being naughty. Then they all get into a prayer position then Chris is being on the bed vertically with his keyboard, sunglasses, and his nightcap which I don't know if its an imitation of Jesus on the cross in a comedic way? Then it gets all like some childhood nightmare and more comedic sexual content. Then you have Neil what seems to be praying and this demon is trying to get a hold on him but couldn't because of Redemption.Then all the beds are lifted up and then it gets dark which is moving prop in place time. The inflate a dolls were kind of funny. The sexual content through out this concert seem to be more of a comedic thing rather than being too passionate like the Discovery Tour.

PET SHOP BOYS This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave

"The Overture"(I couldn't find the Overture here, it wasn't the right one)
This is a prelude of the concert using "The Alpine Symphony" by Richard Strauss. This begin as a brief introduction of how a young boy begin his childhood that will be eventually loss of innocence. You have an dancer portraying a schoolboy looking around in a curious manner at this odd figured man sitting then unraveled a long, crimson sheet from a man with a metal plate on his face. To me, it gives off this opening of Pandora's box or when sinned entered the world. Then she came closer to him and the guy moved his right hand and moved it towards her. She was frightened and grabbed a huge globe or ball which have the constellations signs of the zodiac, which probably indicate the partial side of magic. The schoolboy plays with the ball while the woman that hold it previously is approaching the man with no face and start to dance. Then you see an older school boy on the top(your left) side of the on some kind stage prop with some height to it, looks like he's about to fall out of balance. The other boy from before is staring at another male character that his doing hand gestures and mocking his movement with his head. The schoolboy with the globe is still puzzled and unfamiliar of the surroundings then you have a very odd figure with symbols I would assume that have to do with magic/witchcraft; holding a massive size book which also indicate magic as well. And when the schoolboy saw that, the journey begins when he went into the cloud of smoke as well that the odd figured person with wings carrying a huge book. Then you see something would appears to be some sort of a dark figure with a light saber and punctured it with a black man in a white suit(Derek Green). Which have me wondering have they seen Star Wars?That throws me off a bit.

Updated info: Even more that I thought the light saber in the overture that Derek gotten killed on could represent Star Wars if so that's another thing that could represent Neil because Star Wars when you really think about it, It's has to do with the corruption of the government and dear I say almost anarchy possibly

The Concert
"This Must Be The Place I Waited Years to Leave"
After the overture, then the magic begins when "This Must Be The Place I Waited Years to Leave" plays. Then you have the dancers and the Pet Shop Boys dressing up like school boys holding hands like almost connected in a way. This is basically representing how Neil's childhood was back then when it came to Catholic school, and I believe Chris' too. The song is about Neil's dreaming back in school, if I'm not mistaken, it's in the commentary as well. The Choreography of this piece represents how it Catholic schools are in particular with the "Jesus Saves" on the chalkboard, teachers or professors tell you everything you do is a sin.Where as you see Neil sitting how a school boy would, in the opposing direction of how people would sit in a chair. Then you have Chris wearing his shades and holding an apple which probably indicate that he's a rebellious kid but a good apple in front of the teachers. One of the dancers fell and the rest were laughing that can be seen in real life too.

My art review of Pet Shop Boys's Performance concert

At first glance of this particular concert, it looked bizarre(still is). I couldn't make up what it was portraying, after I watched it all the way several times, plus listening to the commentary and reading the booklet and reading Catalogue and asking good friends of mine about certain facts, even explaining my points about it, seems most of my thoughts were on the right track. In this art review, I will be explaining more likely in detail on what I thought about the overture and the concert on the best I possibly can, and getting a view from an artist's point of view of this journey of surrealism, symbolism, and abstract of art at its best. I gotten this DVD as a gift from an associate, thanks again! They will have to be in portions because of the long post it will be in one. There's a song called Birth, Work, School, Death" by the Godfathers reminded of this whole Performance idea as well. I personally adore the idea of doing a theatrical show because person the body and  the art can portray the feel of the story rather than some rock show. Their ideas were in the tradition of David Bowie's Diamond Dogs or Grace Jones's One Man Show. This can be found on the booklet of the DVD. A friend of mine made a good point about this concert some of it being like their movie. I personally think that this is like a "redemption" from their movie. Because instead of having "0" behind their backs, they are starting all over beginning with their childhood to try again but fail later because the celeb life killed them. It look physically killed but it could also mean mentally too, being corrupted can do some damage if not careful.  I will start off with the "Overture" and "This Must Be the Place I Waited Years to Leave."

 Pet Shop Boys' Performance because it's a very artsy, theatrical concert with a moral value to it, and it was a gift by an associate. And I am still currently working on more art reviews to it. I never thought I needed so much time to do an art review but it's worth the writing, and as an artist's point of view, it's something I would already consider as a favorite, I mean you get a commentary that is hilarious, rehearsals, entertainment and a moral value all in one! It's not like something I have seen before unless it's a musical like Tommy but that was more of a rock/classic musical. I would have that in a collection if you didn't already.

Monday, November 21, 2011

My thorough oberservations and review about The Most Incredible

I'm going to do a thorough review and observations about The Most Incredible like I did for Battleship Potemkin, because I want to go in depth on reason why it is worth buying. For those who consider to not spend money on it, but rather purchase vinyls or cassette tapes which is definitely cost in ridiculous prices, is obviously an idiot and truly don't know what they are missing.


The Most Incredible Thing is a complete ballet score performed by Pet Shop Boys(since it's outside their comfort zone of music, They go by Tennant/Lowe like Battleship Potemkin) with the Wroclaw Score Orchestra conducted by Dominic Wheeler. Orchestrations by Sven Helbig. It was the last stories written by the well-known Danish author and Story teller, Hans Christian Andersen. More info can be found on The Most Incredible Thing CD casing or the vinyl I'm guessing. And they received the "Beyond Theatre" award yesterday which is just stupendous!

The first song the "Prologue" reminds me the Walt Disney Masterpiece Fantasia especially the part where it goes into the scenario of volcanoes and what not. It's another classical piece I would look into, it's by Joe Grant and Dick Huemer, Narrated by Deems Taylor and was conducted by Leopold Stokowski and was performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra. There's a Fantasia 2000, but I don't want to go off topic here. Moving along, "The Grind" is like classical meets electronic which includes a brief of Neil's voice, then abruptly stops and gets all classical and electronic; which I like about this piece a lot. It's like classical music is getting a make over. On 5:25, it gets all like something is tumbling down then gets all like its about to end. "The Challenge" begins with a fanfare then it gets all 70's funk/disco mix with classical 3:26 is my favourite part it sounds like you are entering some fantasy. "Help Me" is a soft little melody, I thought it sounds like some lonely love song, it's very lovely. Risk is another tune I like, it does have that risky feel to it, it gets all digitally and then it gets into some kind of waltz feel, then a soft mellow tune, then it gets all like some rock type musical with the same tune in different forms. "Physical Jerks" when it begins it reminds me of "Precious" by Depeche Mode beat wise, then it have voices sounding like they are saying "war"then it sounds all dynamic and disasterous, the horns in it gives that feel. At 1:56, it changes to some softer tune, actually it sounds like their demo "Call me Old Fashioned" when you play it at 0:16 just a tiny bit. Then the violins sound all softly and calm like some Disney movie. If they used some of their demos here, that is a good way to recycle them into masterpieces, those demos maybe hard to find but at least you can still hear them somewhat. "The Competition" speaks for itself in the song, you hear like some drum are being played like competitors are marching and the fanfare mixed with it too. What I love about this one it gets all like you in some rave party, when I first heard it, I was like is this on here really? Then it gets all broadway musical like, It's like three genres in one song. Then I get this feel of a Cinderella story and then afterwards then it gets all slower in tempo which makes it funny as well, then it goes back to the drums and fanfare playing. "The Meeting"  is another piece I adore because it feels like a song you can dance to, like almost romantic and it sounds like a song you hear in the end credits of a movie. "The Clock 1/2/3" you can hear several clocks of all kinds making noises then voices saying "tick tock" then sounds like another version of "Risk" for only a brief moment, then it gets soft and mellow, like a collage of music bits like some crazed fantasy world. "The Clock 4/5/6" this reminded me of Depeche Mode's "The Policy of Truth" on some bits of the song especially at 1:04. Then it gets soft and a clock is chiming then it get all chaotic and then you hear a digital voice saying something I can't make up what he's saying but then it gets the violins are going nuts like something is about to happen. "The Clock 7/8/9" sounds like a disaster about to happen then it you can here a bit of "Physical Jerks" then it gets like all Mannheim Steamroller. And it keeps going until at 2:02, then it sounds like they having fun going up and down with the instruments. You hear clocks again, then you hear the scales going up and down (do-re-mi-fa-so...etc). Then at 3:58, it have the clock chiming "Ode to Joy" then it gets soft again playing a mellow tune sound like from "The Clock 1/2/3" only on violin which makes it more tense. Which it had to be you hear heavy breathing and a baby is born; the crying proves that which is ironically because it has a nine in the title, and it takes nine months for a baby to form. "The Clock 10/11/12" my mother personally love this song, it sounds all digitally and then you hear like this dynamic sound then you hear "1, 2, 3, 4,...and goes backwards, then the voice states the Ten Commandments sound off. Then it get like something is about to go out of orbit. Then you hear about Apollo 11 being lift off, and you hear the bits of the previous songs, especially at 3:54, the continuation of "Risk" in carousel form. Then you hear the bell chiming and an actual countdown from crowds of people then it gets all disasterous and a massive fanfare plays. "The Winner" is basically like a make over of "The Competition" because it gets all like someone won which is why I love it, the whole rave and broadway mixed together in one song, it is brilliant! Then it gets all soft and quietly like you hear in some fairy tale on 2:10. "Destruction" sounds like it's title then it gets a fanfare a get then it re caps the "Physical Jerks" bit.

On CD 2 was basically the songs being in different keys and play on different instrument. "Back to the Grind" it sounds like "The Grind" but all negative sounding. It reminded me of something Depeche Mode could come out with. It sounds rather frightening. "The Ceremony" have choir ahhhs playing sound kind of spooky an sounds like the main whole notes to "Physical Jerks" being hold down. "The Revolution" sound like The Clocks and then a soft fairy tale sound, then you get the "The Prologue" again but only faster. "The Resurrection" sound like "The Clock sequences" in a collaged form. "The Colour and the Light" sound like some calm feel and like someone died and is traveling to another world and then you hear another fanfare. It sounds absolutely beautiful then you hear a bit from one of "The Clocks" again. "The Meeting"  sounds really romantic it begin like those charm songs you twist on the side and makes a cute little lullaby, then it gets back to how it sounded previously with added sounds to it, making sounded dynamic. "The Wedding" sounded like that rave bit you would hear in "The Winner" and "The Competition" and you hear a drum roll and you hear this lovely music playing, I never heard of a wedding song sounding so beautifully and dreamy it sounds like one or few of their songs gotten a make over because I hear a small bit of "Gin and Jag" and "Vulnerable" then it gets to "The Meeting" and you hear a coo-coo clock. This ballet score as well as Battleship Potemkin are wonderful pieces of music you ought to have at least if not anything else from The Pet Shop Boys. You probably have fallen asleep reading this, but as you can see, this multigenre piece is worth listening to, I wish I was lucky enough to even see the play in person, but the footage can be seen on YouTube.