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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My discussion about Pet Shop Boys, annually.

When the book came in the mail couple days ago, I was so excited, still excited and completely stunned because I never thought someone would be so extremely generous! All I did was be in tears of joy and she wrote a short and cute note of encouragement plus a bonus of her well-known Sketch Shop Boys mini sketches. Thanks again Meech! Pet Shop Boys, annually is a one quarter small than the size of an eighth and a half paper by eleven sized, sixty-one page book about like a mini guide of Neil and Chris: Pet Shop Boys themselves. After reading some fascinating facts in this book, I noticed and realized why Neil and Chris having their heads down in the picture. I don't know if it was out of pure coincidence, but really all it need was a small air bubble stating "I have confessions to make." It comes with small to almost medium photos of them in
 time and place  periods.

 These are my favorite ones. Some silly captions, I think.

Some come with captions, the others are screencaps with interviews from Neil and Chris briefly discussing or reflecting those wondrous moments in behind the scenes or just being silly as you see here above this paragraph. Not to mention film sheets of certain photo shoot which of some can be found in Catalogue as well such as West End Girls, Actually, and Opportunities. It also comes with crossword puzzle, some of the questions I didn't know facts about. Neil seems to model as in displaying his most seen suits with a brief description about it. Only if Chris did something similar with his style of choice and not just his shades! Even reveals what other genres or music or their favourite record of that time period and would think that Pet Shop Boys seem to look upset all the time, but if you get this book, your ideas about them will surely change drastically! This book also reveals intriguing facts about Neil's and Chris's early life pre-Pet Shop Boys briefly. It seems to go hand and hand of how the Pet Shop Boys became to be. All their talents and artistic attributes and their influences are the electrostatic bond and they are a mix between an ionic to a covalent bond and transferring their quality of art. I spotted two little drawings of them is also proves to me that you don't have to be all that great of a sketcher, more like as long as you appreciate art and respect it, no need to be up with it. At the end of the book, it points out the highest chart position of the Pet Shop Boys reached all over the world in a row and column structure. It is another Pet Shop Boys book to own, I believe, especially if you're the type like me that adore behind the scene memorabilia and having where it seem you are interacting with the Boys! A plethora of facts in this book will astound you, I guarantee that. The title the way is styled kind of reminded me of an e.e. cummings. Clare told me that reason why this book cost a lot because it has been out of print for over twenty years. In Catalogue, Annually didn't make that many sales and probably the reason why it was out of print. Even Neil wanted a copy of the book as well; when he signs that book for fans, he asked if anyone an extra copy to please send it to him. I find that hilarious because he have a better chance of getting it over there than here. It is expensive here, I'm blessed to get it as a gift.