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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

R.I.P. Eric Watson (1955-2012)(updated photo wise)

I hope this is the right photo, it's the only one that I know of that looked accurate, I'm sorry if it's not the right photo. *I found an accurate photo!!!!!!!!

here's the site I found the photo click here
I was in shock about hearing Eric Watson passing away of a heart attack! A friend of mine Clare and a few others told me about what happened. I couldn't believe it, Even though he passed on the 18th of March! Photography is an art as you already know, so I thought it was necessary to do a post dedicated to him. I would have done this post sooner, but I was in school.

"'He was born on September 9, 1955 and from Newcastle, he attended Hornsey School of Art from 1977-1980, he gotten a degree of fine art and history. After his college years, he worked with the Rembrandt Brothers(Gered Mankowitz and Red Saunders) contemporaries included Adam Ant, before working for Still Records, where he created cover photos for Madness. He continued his photography from 1981-1987 in Smash Hits(magazine) where also his friend Neil Tennant was assistant editor. He also directed many artists videos including Pet Shop Boys, Rod Stewart, Chris Rea, Holly Johnson, and Dusty Springfield, Yaz and along with many others. Also did photography for Spandau Ballet and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. After that, he continued concentrating on Television commercials.

The videos he directed by the Pet Shop Boys were "West End Girls(co-director Andy Morahan)",'Love Comes Quickly(co-director Andy Morahan)', 'Opportunities(original and co-director Andy Morahan)','Suburbia', 'DJ Culture','Domino Dancing', 'What Have I Done to Deserve This?', 'Left to My Own Devices','It's Alright','So Hard','Jealousy' and 'Was It Worth It?' *He also was the film director in the film unit in the concert Performance.

The album/sleeves/singles photography includes: 'West End Girls', 'One More Chance', 'Opportunities', 'Love Comes Quickly', Please(along with other photographers), 'Suburbia','It's a Sin','What Have I Done to Deserve This?(with Val Wilmer)',Actually(with Cindy Palmano),'Rent','Always on my Mind','Heart(Annually using a mix of the 'Heart' photos for the book image)',Introspective(with Cindy Palmano, Peter Andreas, Michael Roberts),' It's Alright',Literally(UK cover with Lawrence Watson),'So Hard',Behaviour,'Jealousy (with George Mott)', 'DJ Culture',Discography,'Paninaro '95',Alternative(the interview portraits),'I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore' and 'New York City Boy.'

'He presented his photographs at the Blue Gallery in London and in the 'Icons of Pop' at the National Portrait Gallery in London, and also where his photos of the Pet Shop Boys were located during 2006.'
'During his final years, he worked as the Head of Photography in a small college in Rye, East Sussex. That is where he influenced and inspired a huge amount of younger students.'"(Catalogue, Wikipedia, www.guardian.co.uk (Facebook edition))

His art, will always be remembered in the Pop world, he is in a better place where no more suffering and flourish as a spirit. He's gone but certainly not forgotten! There are some site I cannot go on because of where I am so if you want to look more of him up, happy searching. His photos of his work can be found in Catalogue, various albums, his website, etc.

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