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Monday, March 25, 2013

Something original and hilarious!

Salutations readers! I'm quarter to a halfway done with drafting posts! So you will see some posts real soon! Things gotten a lot better this week. Like the Linkin Park song "No More Sorrow"! I was on Facebook yesterday, like I'm always online anyway and came across something quite humorous! It's already been posted as a Pet Text on the PSB's official page, but I would like to make a few points out on the video. I thought the video was quite hilarious, only wished there was an extended version of that, it seems the Mexican petheads were having a blast! I like the fact the main guy was dancing and then few seconds later, everyone joined in using either photo head cut aways or album covers as heads and started dancing to the "Harlem Shake"(I think that's the name of the song and dance, I'm not too familiar to newer songs) I love creativity and originality, you don't have to or need to try and dress exactly like the artists, it's all about having fun and enjoying their music. I only wished some people would understand that but not everyone are mature and have to learn the hard way. Anyway since I can't post the video link where you can the video on the blog, I linked it on here so the link underneath this post. But I know you all probably have seen it already! Keep the creativity and original coming!!

The Pethead Harlem Shake

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