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Friday, March 15, 2013

Hello Readers again!

It seems that every time I post it's always an updated post, it seems I've gotten more busier than I thought. I've been currently working on scriptwriting, book illustrating and also of course college. There's two things I want to focus on, one being that the last issue of Classic Pop Magazine, I will also discuss this on my collections blog, this particular issue I truly believe is a nice one because it focus on more brilliant artist and bands and furthermore, I don't think any pop magazine that I know of, have focused on a life of a deceased artist. There's a nice description on Eric Watson, I feel like I understand who this artist was and I always love when anyone show respect for an artist behind the scenes, it really shows how they care. I gotten this about two weeks ago but I've been having writer's block and again been busy with other things. I have more items for my collection but since I've not finished observing them, I can't really discuss them yet. Sorry for the quality of this photo, it's my instragram photo I took from my iPhone. I know that's very unprofessional but I'm okay with it.

Also breaking news is that Pet Shop Boys have left Parlophone after 28 years!!! I SERIOUSLY COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!! But I was glad for them, honestly I wished they would do their own label  Spaghetti Records, but I guess this is still as good! Now as I see this happening, the single choice for Elysium made sense! And in the following sentences I will explain what I thought about that!

Well "Invisible" wasn't the single but it was the leaked song that a lot of people were wondering was it a demo or what. But I think the symbolism for it was that to Pet Shop Boys, they were "invisible"  to Parlophone, meaning that whatever they wanted to do, the company didn't care or whatever the reason. That was like a prequel to strike 1 on this "leaving"

"Winner" I think they felt victorious rather they released the album or not, with the chosen singles or what have you. They I guess knew that they was going to get the upper hand soon enough. The selling out part, I didn't understand, and I still believe it was the company's fault for that but who knows maybe PSB wanted the exposure, but I honestly think that's going against their own ethos if that makes any sense.

"Leaving" a lovely single, I guess it does have to deal with death and "memory" but I think it also was subliminal on their official leave and break away from Parlophone, they are artist for crying out loud! They have to be liberated and not control, well in today's society, you really can't make a choice can you? And the tempo itself it seems like it was in a positive tone so it might have been a good sign they were really well on their way!

"Memory of the Future" or should I say "Memory of the Past" since personally it's a good track but not really a single track in my opinion, I think this was another subliminal message that all of what they done in the past with Parlophone will be nothing more than a mere memory and they are starting off fresh, I heard that Kylie Minogue left Parlophone too, so who knows what they have done to wonderful artists!! And have anyone noticed that the Boys didn't really stay too long with the Elysium era? it was so rushed off, it's barely an era! I mean no video for the third single?? I was actually kind of ticked off. A good friend of mine, told me previous they should but unfortunately didn't, but now I can understand the reason now. They had something better planned in mind! And the last couple of videos minus the "Invisible" one I actually like that one, "Leaving" video was so much better than "Winner" I still believe they could have done something better because, it's kind of insulting for someone in the LGBT community, it's not a strong message and honestly I can't really feel like a "winner" when I hear it. 

I don't know if this make any sense at all to you guys but that's what I'm getting from all of this! By Pet Shop Boys choice, I think they are liberated from this and are releasing a brand new album also with the tour name called "Electric" I heard the teaser and I heard a clash of Kraftwerk and bit of their older demos and previous Disco compilations in other words, vintage and modern are into this chemical bond and will create a special work of art. I know they are working with Es Devlin that also did their previous concerts Pandemonium and the Fundamental tour and the album is produced by Stuart Price ( which also worked on other artists similar to PSB and and associate acts of them) that also did producing work for them and if I'm not mistaken did the new single mix and/or produced it. Sorry if my facts are rusty, it's been awhile. But now as this came out, I really can't wait for the new tour, hopefully they will release the US tour dates soon, I still want to take my mother to see them. I don't know but some reason this new tour sounds like it's going to symbolize one of their previous tours and add a new zip to it! Can't wait! 

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