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Monday, February 4, 2013

Salutations Readers!

Hello everyone, I am truly sorry for my long absence, I've been really busy lately on some art projects for two lovely African American ladies. One is about health in the colon and what not, it haven't been fully discussed but she have connections and will have more details on that soon and also will do art for her book and my name might get to be published and if God willing, to have some more jobs in the works! With that being said, I also am currently back in college. Yay! I've been on a good vacation learning more about myself and my elements and also hanging out with friends and chilling on the internet and actually seeking jobs. Well I am currently working on art pieces for one of my older teacher's novel called The Tower's Alchemist (The Gray Tower Trilogy) and it is really really good! It's so amazing it feels like God does have a sense of humor because last year and a bit of the year before, I was working on art pieces for some peoples' story turned "novel" about vampires we had our fall out; I guess it was somewhat my fault but the way they are is just too creepy and wasn't for me. Plus it's not all that creative, not saying it's not creative because it is a good read but compare to my teacher's novel, her's is fantastic and remarkable! It's really well thought out and well put! It's a clash between wizards and Vampire Nazi warlocks set back into the 1940s. I have been doing research and art pieces which will be posted soon both on my blogs and if I'm not mistaken on her website but I'm not too sure. I didn't want to leave my viewers and possible readers wondering where I have been! This will also assist on the projects I want to do on my own, and on top of it, I'm getting paid to do it. If I was rich (which I'm not) I would have said I can do it for free but when you're at college, when opportunity knocks, I go for it. And furthermore, I will be updating more on my collections since some items came in actually few weeks ago but I gotten lazy and didn't post them. But I will be more active as soon as I almost finish with these projects. I seriously love being an artist, it's fun to use the skills needed to make another person happy and I'm truly content because I thought the horror would never end but things are looking up and I couldn't be more happier! Oh and one more thing, I also believe I convinced my mother to go with me to a PSB concert, I got a shirt for myself and since she does like a lot of the songs I play by them, I think she wants to go, just hope they release the dates soon so I can tell her. Other than that, life is seriously grand! Thank you God!!!
If you want to check out my teacher's book, you can! :D

and also thank you for reading my blogs, I never thought my numbers would increase! Love you guys! if you want requests for an art piece, let me know! my email is jaleen81@gmail.com
my deviantart is www.jaleen81.deviantart.com

Love, peace and hair grease,

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