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Friday, October 18, 2013

My First Pet Shop Boys Autograph!

I thought I would talk briefly about my first autograph!  I'm not bragging but I still find it hard to believe I actually have an autograph of one of the most awesome bands in the world! I never thought it would happen to me! Especially at a probability of a competition like this! I got to tell you, I'm not a huge fan on pre-ordering items online, it's just feel odd for me but when there was mention of postcards....My goodness they know how the reel their fans in on a fish on a hook! I pre-ordered the CD immediately! Those days were treacherous because I thought my package wasn't going to come in! Plus I was already excited on hearing Electric but I did hear most of the songs via BBC specials and from the videos and what not. I was actually going to buy the CD at Amoeba but I felt I should wait another week and my God, it came in! When I was opening the pack I saw the postcards and the CD! I flipped through them and at first, I didn't see nothing but when I flip the x2 one that's where the autograph was!! I was like OMG!!! I really couldn't believe what I was staring at!! I'm 21 and only been a fan for a few years and obtain something that I never thought would be in my possession! I knew others gotten personalized ones and that's grand too but the fact, I won it at those competitions they have and I never win those! I just felt like something is up or a little connection! I'm totally grateful about it and just still shock every time I see it! I took this photo from my iphone via Instragram! I was one of those 500 lucky fans! And some of my fan friends won them too which made me even happier because they deserve it! Sometimes I really do wonder if the Boys can see what fans be doing!?!
Also forgot to mention about the concert, I really enjoyed seeing the Boys' reaction when the fans were excited to see them! I can tell they might have to do another concert tour next year! Even on the radio the love the fact the fans are giving them such high reactions! They deserve it though, they are probably the last few artists I can say that stayed mostly true to themselves!

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