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Monday, September 23, 2013

Pet Shop Boys - Love Comes Quickly (fan video edit)

Well I am back! I know it's been a long while right?! Oh yes, well I went through a pretty rough time with people on and off line and I literally had a writer's block because the only time I can really blog or critique is when I'm around college time, because it does help me with my writing; henceforth why I gotten a 43 out of 50 on my English essay few weeks ago. When that being said, I also have more posts on the way, and I also would like to reveal my "edit, amateur creations" I did over the summer. I haven't really been drawing much either since of a lot of things going on, so if you looked on my deviantart site, it's drawings I previously done already for competitions, upon requests or just drawing for leisure. I also have expanded my art adorations through all aspects (will explain in further detail soon enough). Which is the reason why I'm conveying about this video. I was messing about with an application called iMovie on my Mac Book Pro, and I recorded Pet Shop Boys' Love Comes Quickly video and I had this crazy idea with the cartoon versions I drew of them being part of the animation idea but since I need to learn about that, I just used the video instead. I got to tell you, it was pretty fun editting the video. I thought it seriously needed a spark for the video, for any sad love song, you always need a sparkle to capture the emotion.  That's what I attempted to do anyhow, this video have over 100 views! I'm still shocked because it is my first edit on a video really. Editing isn't as hard but it does require time and a lot of it. This video took a good seven hours to do because I was sick and stuff. It also gotten 4 likes which I'm totally happy about! I don't like doing slideshow videos or try to avoid them because I love movement, unless I'm using the frame by frame to make a movement. Also with that being said, I also have some good news. One is that I will attend the Pet Shop Boys Electric concert in a few weeks, so that's very exciting! I'm taking my mother with me since she loves them. Two is that after that couple more weeks I will be seeing Danny Elfman at the Nokia Theater! My aunt won tickets on K-Earth 101! I'm too ecstatic about that! Basically he's composing the music he did for the Tim Burton movies! Seeing two main artists you highly adore in the same month is almost (dare I say) surreal?! Few months back, I also won a PSB autograph on one of the postcards after pre-ordering Electric. I wasn't going to pre-order but when they said postcards esp. an autographed one, I had to jump on that immediately but still no gurantee but that made me so excited! Even if I don't see them up close, at least I got an autographed that I won. It may not be personalized but it's still something I won! I will post about that as well on how that happened. In all, I really have a lot to discuss and it's been a long while but I am back. I will discuss more about my other edit videos. Like I usually say on the video description, I'm always up for a crtique and comments. IF they are negative a least be smooth about it. Okay I have to go since I am blogging from the Spanish Lab computer, more posts coming up!

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